Thursday, May 26, 2016

What is the best place to buy a chastity cage?

You are probably reading these lines cause you are a newcomer in the world of chastity and you have many questions, with one of them being where the heck should you buy a chastity cage from ;) 

Maybe you were thinking of a local or online shop or something along these lines... My answer to this question might actually surprise you! For me, the best place was, is and probably will always be.. Amazon! Yep, that's right, I always bought my chastity cages from there! In short, amazon is the best places for the following reasons:
- Easy to find a trusty seller (just check the reviews)
- High ratio of authentic reviews, this is especially useful when you decide to buy a model that recently came out or doesn't fall in the "ordinary" category
- New great deals and discounts available 24-7-365 

The only problem I have experienced with amazon is that adult sex toys and related items don't appear for some reason in the results using its native search function. However, this is very easy to overcome...

First, you can just use google. Just search for "chastity cages". If you are too lazy to copy paste just click this link.. Alternatively, just check this chastity list, it features most of the popular cages that a newcomer can try today. And of course, after opening a product on amazon you can always check the related items ;)

stay calm and in chastity :)

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