Monday, April 11, 2016

Chastity: The Most Effective Punishment

There are many ways to discipline or punish a misbehaving slave. These can range from spankings to whippings to collars to leashes - all of which can be very effective depending on the severity of the punishing and the type of slave. There is however one type of punishment that reigns supreme as the most effective above all else for male slaves - chastity.

 Chastity is so effective because it takes away the one thing that a male will value most - his right to release and put him in a state of total frustration and at the very beck and call of his master or mistress. Chastity punishments can take form in many ways, a misbehaving slave may be put into chastity for a few days, a few weeks, a few months or indefinitely. Alternatively you can simply place a slave in chastity all the time and only release him as a reward for being a good slave. Then again you can just never release him at all!

Remember: The Key to a Cuckold Relationship is Chastity

Any cuckold relationship in which the male is not allowed any sexual contact or satisfaction whilst the female is allowed to sleep with whoever she likes as often as she wants, wherever she wants can be made even better through the use of the chastity belt.

By putting the male in a chastity device this ensures that no matter how much he wants it he simply cannot get any sexual satisfaction unless of course the female decides that she wants him too (which in most cases is not very likely!). This allows her to not have to monitor the male so much and worry about him getting undesired pleasure and focus on more important things - such as having sex with other men!

There are plenty of chastity belts available for sale online - a particularly good one is the CB-6000 male chastity belt which is designed especially for long term enforced male chastity.

The Benefits of Enforced Chastity
Chastity can spice up a BDSM relationship in many ways and it is only through enforced chastity that a male can be truley put in their most submissive state possible. By denying a male his right to orgasm you are taking away the biggest luxury he has and he will automatically be at the total mercy of the master of mistress who holds the key to this priveledge. The best way to enforce such chastity is through the use of chastity devices.

There are many great chastity belts on the market today that do a fantastic job at securely locking away males kept in chastity. Some of the best chastity belts include the CB-3000 - a slick and lightweight device that allows for long term wear, The Curve - another great device designed for those with slightly larger packages and the CB-6000 - the latest and greatest in the line of the CB chastity belts, practically the king of all belts.

Keeping a male in chastity is great as it serves as a constant reminder of who is in charge, builds up constant frustration and can be used in excellent and evil ways to make the slave or submissive male to behave exactly as the master or mistress wishes.

Why Men Should be Locked Away
It's a well known fact in the world of BDSM is that the best way to get a man into the ultimate state of submission is to take away the one thing that means the most to him, the one thing that controls his dirty mind more then anything else - his right to orgasm. By doing so he is at the complete mercy of the the keyholder and after just a little bit of teasing and denying his right to freedom he will be just about willing to do anything for the person holding his key.

A man locked away will not argue when asks to complete chore after chore after chore, nor will he whing when made to complete painful or degrading tasks. He will simply accept facts, complete them and hope that he will eventually be given release.

One of the most fun aspects of chastity for a master or mistress is the ability to constantly torment the male slave that is locked away by promising freedom and release eventually but constantly denying him time after time after time, putting him into a state of deeper and deeper submission. Chastity belts are without a doubt the best way to add a whole new dimension to any BDSM relationship and there are plenty of extremely high quality and affordable devices on the market today.

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