Sunday, April 10, 2016

CB 2000 Review

This was the first and original of the CB line of chastity belts to hit the market. The CB 2000 is perfect for long term wear and truly allows for comfortable and safe enforced chastity. The device is made with all plastic material - mostly consisting of an extremely durable, high quality polycarbonate. It's very strong and totally lightweight and gives you great peace of mind not having to worry about metal detectors or any corrosion.

One size fits all due to it's clever cutomization options. There are five different sized rings included so you can find the one that best suits you. The CB 2000 is very affordable at just $129.00 and even comes with a padlock, three keys and five tamper-proof serial-numbered plastic locks for temporary replacement when you will be walking through a metal detector such as at an airport.

Overall this is a fantastic chastity device however if you have just a few more dollars to spend you might be interested in one of the newer models of the line such as the CB 3000 or CB 6000 - both of which are more advanced then the CB2000.

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