Sunday, April 10, 2016

The Curve Review

From the same people that brought you the CB 2000 there is now a new, fresh design on the market - known as the curve. This belt is slight differently designed than the CB 2000 is is more for larger sized men. The curved design is moulded to fit perfected around the penis allowing for easy and discreet wearing under clothes. It's well ventilated ensuring that the penis has adequate air for both hygenic and comfort reasons.

The Curve is made of a very lightweight, strong, transparant polycarbonate that is tougher then other plastics such as acrylic. This belt is made up of two man components - the cuff ring and the cage. These two parts slide easily together with two guide pins and a third locking pin to shut them securely into place. Also included are five different sized rings, a brass padlock, 2 keys, 5 individually numbered plastic locks, 5 spacers and 3 differently sized locking pins. This is an excellent belt for long term, enforced chastity.

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