Sunday, April 10, 2016

CB 3000 Review

Introducting the CB 3000 chastity device, another fantastic chastity belt in the CB line. Just as with the other belts this device is especially built for long term, comfortable wear. With it's slim, smooth design it allows for the device to easily be worn under clothing without notice.

The belt is vented too allowing for superior comfort and better hygene to the penis. The belt itself consists of two central parts - the cuff ring and the cage (in which the cock goes). Through the use of two guide pins and a locking pin these easily slide together and can be locked shut with the brass padlock - only openable through the key. Also included are five rings all in different sizes of diameter - allowing you to find the one that perfectly fits you. The body cuff also comes in five different sizes and is easily locked around the bottom of the cock and balls - making the balls trapped in between the CB3000 cage and the cuff.

The design of the CB 3000 is extremely smooth, round and lightweight so that it is both easy and comfortable to wear and keeps chafing to an absolute minimum. Included with your device is a brass padlock with two keys, five individually numbered plastic locks (completely tamper-proof), three different sized locking pins and five differently sized spacers.

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